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EltaMD UV AOX Mist

Enjoy a reimagined sunscreen spray experience with EltaMD UV AOX Mist SPF 40 — a sheer-finish 100% mineral sunscreen spray that’s enriched with antioxidants to help prevent premature aging and rejuvenate skin. This lightweight and water-resistant formula is gentle enough to wear daily and leaves skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. With our white-to-clear technology, the only time you see the sunscreen is when you’re spraying it on (so you don’t miss a spot!). It conveniently absorbs into the skin within seconds and blends flawlessly into all skin types — no streaks, patches, or white cast in sight.

Its air-powered technology removes the need for chemical propellants and offers 360-degree sprayability – so you can get hard-to-reach places (spray your way —head to toe and upside down)


EltaMD UV AOX Mist


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